Make a mess of things

Make a mess of things
Наломать дров

Difficulties of the English language (lexical reference) English-Russian dictionary. 2014.

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  • mess — noun ADJECTIVE ▪ absolute, complete, fine (esp. AmE), hopeless, real, royal (esp. AmE), total, utter ▪ I got myself into a complete mess …   Collocations dictionary

  • mess — [mes] n. [ME messe < OFr mes < L missus, a course (at a meal), orig. pp. of mittere, to send, put: see MISSION] 1. a portion or quantity of food for a meal or dish 2. a portion of soft or semiliquid food, as porridge 3. unappetizing food;… …   English World dictionary

  • mess — mess1 S2 [mes] n ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(dirty/untidy)¦ 2¦(problems/difficulties)¦ 3 make a mess of (doing) something 4¦(person)¦ 5 a mess of something 6¦(army/navy)¦ 7¦(waste substance)¦ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ [Date: 1200 1300; : Old French; Origin: mes …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • mess — mess1 [ mes ] noun ** ▸ 1 when someone/something is dirty ▸ 2 when there are problems ▸ 3 someone with problems ▸ 4 solid waste from animal ▸ 5 mess hall ▸ + PHRASES 1. ) count or uncount a situation in which a place is dirty or not neat: Your… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • mess — 1 noun 1 DIRTY/UNTIDY (singular, uncountable) a situation in which a place looks very untidy or dirty, with things spread all around: Clean up this mess! | The house was an awful mess after the party. | make a mess: You can make cookies if you… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • mess — n. & v. n. 1 a dirty or untidy state of things (the room is a mess). 2 a state of confusion, embarrassment, or trouble. 3 something causing a mess, e.g. spilt liquid etc. 4 a domestic animal s excreta. 5 a a company of persons who take meals… …   Useful english dictionary

  • mess — I n. untidy condition 1) to make a mess 2) to leave a mess 3) to clean away, clean up, clear up, sweep up a mess 4) in a mess (to leave things in a real mess) dining hall (mil.) 5) an enlisted (AE); officers mess 6) at, in a mess (they ate at the …   Combinatory dictionary

  • make a hash of — (informal) BUNGLE, fluff, mess up, make a mess of; mismanage, mishandle, ruin, wreck; informal botch, muff, muck up, foul up, screw up, blow; Brit. informal make a pig s ear of …   Useful english dictionary

  • mess something up — 1 he messed up my kitchen: DIRTY; clutter up, disarrange, jumble, dishevel, rumple; N. Amer. informal muss up; poetic/literary befoul. 2 …   Useful english dictionary

  • make — делать to make an effort попытаться, сделать попытку, постараться to make a mistake сделать ошибку, ошибаться; заблуждаться to make a precious mess of things здорово запутать дела to make an error сделать ошибку; впасть в заблуждение make… …   English-Russian travelling dictionary

  • make a pig's ear of — verb To do badly; to make a mess of. Instead, he had lain awake for hours, knowing hed made a pigs ear of everything, and trying to think of a way to sort things out …   Wiktionary

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